Taxis in Istanbul are yellow and have a sign up saying “Taksi”. All taxis have a taximeter which works according to the mile made. Istanbul taxis have different rates for the night, the day or the weekend.
The Tram:
The tram lines are being expanded in the city. One of these trams passes through the center of the Old Town and arrives to the Modern Town. With the same tram, making a connection with the “Tunel” or “Funicular”, you can reach to the beginning or to the end of the pedestrian street “Istiklal”. You can use the tram buying a coin from the lockers located around the stops.

The Buses:
There are two categories of buses: The municipality bus and the public bus. It is easy to distinguish; the public bus has two staff working on the bus, a driver and a conductor; the municipality bus just has a driver. You can pay within the buses to the drivers. Using buses is cheap but it is a bit tricky and you may lose time.

The Ships:
People of Istanbul have to change the continent, they must use one of two suspension bridges of Bosphorus, public ships or private boats. Sea Access is more practical than crossing the Bosphorus bridges. The ships leave from the ferry ports on the European side, such as from Eminönü, Karaköy, Beşiktaş and Kabataş or from the two main stops on the Asian side; Kadıköy and Üsküdar. They sell coins at the counters next to the ports.

The Jitneys (Dolmuş):
The jitneys are yellow vans that have a fixed route. Doesn’t serve much the tourists who generally walk by the ancient part of the city. However you can take the Dolmus to go to Taksim area from the old town. You pay directly to the driver.