We are guiding across Turkey for more than a decade. We have guided hundreds of people including well- knowns as Real Madrid the football club and their president Florentino Perez, also Baltazar Garzón, Osborne Family, Valencia sports press, Altair Jarabo (a famous Mexican artist) and Rolly Pavia, The Honduran Selection and Reinaldo Rueda (the current coach of Ecuador selection). Here you can read some of the experiences of our customers.


Altair Jarabo y Rolly Pavia

García Lucena, Soria Moreno and Garzón Families

We were in Turkey in August 2010 for three days and then we went to the islands of Southern Turkey.

As we had to fly to Istanbul, we took the opportunity to visit for two days.
The memories we had on our stay in Istanbul is wonderful.
No doubt, choosing Hüseyin as our guide during our stay was an absolute success.
We got to find him through an Internet blog which was referring to him very nicely.
We only had two full days for Istanbul (apart from the day of arrival and departure), but these two days he took us to the most representative sites of Istanbul (Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Spice Market, Grand Bazaar, Basilica Cistern…), We could take a walk along the Bosphorus and see the Summer Palace on the Asian side and Pierre Lotti Hill and Chora Church, carpet factory …. without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.
The car was for 12 people, a Mercedes Vito in excellent condition, with leather seats.
… and Husein has been an excellent proseffional, very efficient, polite, punctual, discreet, friendly, cordial, respectful, very loving with kids and with a perfect knowledge of the monuments, which he was teaching us all in perfect Spanish.
Thank you very much for your dedication to the families García Lucena, Soria Moreno and Garzón.
If we ever return to Istanbul, we will ask for Huseyin once again with no doubt.


Good morning Esperanza and Huseyin;
We have spent some very pleasant days in your beautiful city of Istanbul, which we really enjoyed, with insightful explanations Esperanza gave us full of friendlyness and education, also we experienced the architecture, culture and customs through her passion. Also knows some interesting directions for her customers where it is possible make very advantageous shopping.
The shuttle was extremely comfortable, not only the punctuality but also the efficiency of the service and the generosity in their schedules, such as the exquisite hygene.
We can only thank you for your patience and kindness in answering all our questions, which were many and sometimes difficult.
We recommend with no hesitation, to anyone who wants to travel to Istanbul, and discover the city with a friendly contact. Our little group of Barcelons would not hesitate to repeat the tour with you, which we hope will be soon.
I sent you some photos of these fun days
Kind regards.


We just returned from a 4 day trip to Istanbul. The week before our trip to Istanbul we contacted online with “Excursión Estambul” and due to the rapid reply, we accepted the offer. Esperanza surprised us as the guide, we have visited the most representative places of the city with her.
Hope has been an excellent professional, polite, punctual, unhurried; she speaks fluent Spanish, her explanations have been welcomed by the group, she helped and oriented us in everything that we requested.
If we return to Istanbul someday we will not hesitate to have her services.


A group of friends, 10 people, planned a trip to Istanbul, for which I tried to find a guide. I searched the Internet and among the options offered to me, there was one page that drew my attention.
It belonged to Huseyin and Esperanza. They had no reference, as they we saying “first impression is everything”, I was with them.
I sent my query by email and they replied so quickly that confirmed my choice as well, ı was on the right track. By the time we got to Istanbul, we had already agreed the tours, transport and the price.
The only thing missing was to confirm that my “virtual” election was successful. As soon as I met Huseyin, I realized that my instincts did not fail me. We met with a very polite, friendly, respectful, cordial person of broad culture, well versed in history, and a mastery of the Spanish language.
His comments and explanations were liked by the group, and his dedication was beyond his guiding. He guided us and gave recommendations for all that we asked and he has been in our service during the time we stayed in the city.
We performed the transport in a van for 12, a spotless and comfortable Mercedes. Both the group and I don’t have to say anything but good words for Huseyin, and we certainly would repeat if we go again. No doubt we will recommend to our friends.

Alejandro Hernandez and Family

We are a family of 4 from the Dominican Republic, who wanted to visit Istanbul, Turkey. We wanted to hire a private tour in Spanish for us and I started looking for options.
I connected to the Internet for several nights, looking for private tours in Spanish.
Several options appeared and one of them was; which was the fastest to respond, with the best offers, best communicationt etc. I wrote to a man named Huseyin from the very first moment. He was very good at writing in Spanish. We understood each other very easily, I told him my plans, my days and he sent me some options.
We exchanged letters and we made a reservation for 30th and 31th of March, 2012. We agreed to meet at our hotel at 9:00 in the morning. He didn’t charge me for the reservation.
Mr. Hüseyin was extremely punctual, excellent, patient, he spoke very good Spanish. He managed all the stories of the monuments and history Turquía like a teacher. He was a pro.
There was no question that he did not respond with complete mastery of the subject. He directs you where to eat, where to buy. He told us where was the best Baklava and he was right. We went to a hill and he ordered the best apple tea I’ve ever had. We had a driver and a private minibus.
I can say we were delighted with the service No more looking, Hüseyin is the choice in Istanbul.


We want to congratulate you for you concern and your services as our tour guide in Istanbul, in August 2012.
Our thanks go to your good work as a guide and to the excellent service.
You showed us an outstanding friendliness, efficiency, professionalism and interest the whole time, without forgetting any detail during your professional activity, as well as being a connoisseur of history and places we visited, that also made our visit to Istanbul a memorable one.
We also want to congratulate your company structure (estambulexcursión.)com.
The tours offered with private guide, the quality of private vehicle with driver and the rates applied were excellent and were equal to the excellent quality of your service. Thus, we recommend all the people we know who want to visit Istanbul , to hire your services, as our experience with you has been quite successful.

So we only have words of thanks, and this is also because of the above, for your professionalism and your great human quality condition you showed us at all times throughout our stay.
I reiterate again our most sincere congratulations on your professional and personal spirit we will never forget.
Hugs and greetings to your family.

Miguel Angel Beascoa and Family

We made a deal with the agency “Estambul Excursión” which was represented by Mr. Huseyin who accompanied us, teaching us all the way and explaining the most interesting sites. His Spanish is very good and he has great historical knowledge, as well as he has very entertaining ways to explain it all. Also when eating in Istanbul we took no tourist restaurants but indigenous ones with beautiful views and the food were great.
To sum up, we recommend and encourage you to be carried away by this charming city and this great tour guide as in the case if we ever go back to Istanbul we would choose him without any doubt.

Castro e Silva Family

Istambul,29 Junho,2011.Descobrimos o Huseyin pela internet.Paramos em Istambul a bordo do Msc.Magnifica e o Huseyin nos mostrou os principais pontos turisticos e compras,sua atençao e profissionalismo nos encantaram acem da facilidade de comunicacao em portugues.Recomendamos seus serviços.

Ivan, Arturo and Merche

We would like to thank you for everything you have made us enjoy the ride, those were wonderful two days, we’ve seen it all very quietly with excellent explanations and at our pace. You’re a great person, friendly and we wish you the best. Thanks again for the good memories that we got from you, from your beautiful city and our son getting along with you and everything he has learned from you (he came to Madrid enchanted, notice that says that next year he could go back). We have seen all essentials on those two days and we lived in a very special way because of you.

Juan Pando Group

“Choosing Istanbul as a destination for a few days with my friends was a hit, but it has certainly been the best success, of course with the services of Huseyin.
His sincerity, his nature, and everything that may be required from a guide can be found in Hüseyin.
Great knowledge of the places and simplicity in explaining things feels like visiting Istanbul not with just a guide, more of a friend.
If we ever get back to Istanbul no doubt we will call him for the services.”

Pilar Fernandez and Fernando Streber

Our trip to Istanbul was wonderful, thanks to Mr. Şimşek. Huseyin speaks perfect Spanish and apart from being an extraordinary guide, he is a professional historian and has a specialty in Spanish language and history of Christianity, so that all the museum, mosque and palace visits come to life when they are told and explained by him.
Another great advantage of hiring Huseyin is that he has an infinite number of contacts in museums and tourist sites, allowing you to make reservations to avoid lines and get access to places and events that are normally out of reach of the common tourist; we even managed to book the same day to see Asena, the best belly dancer in “Kervansaray”. Also very well known people at the Grand Bazaar and Spice Market, where he gives you very good recommendations so that you experience a pleasant shopping with the best quality products.

Las Familias Serrano

As for food, we can say that Huseyin is a “snob” and knows the best “local” Turkish food places to make your dining experience a truly first rate and you won’t suffer as a typical clueless tourist who does not know where to eat and eats poorly and always ends up paying a lot.
Huseyin specializes in Spanish-speaking VIP tourists, with whome he has extensive experience, even with football clubs in the Spanish league and he can help you plan and design your stay in Istanbul, depending on the number of days you are going to stay and check your preferences. You get a personalized service that includes luxury transportation with a local driver and the ability to adjust the path according to your needs.
Huseyin has much to recommend, because in truth the service provided and our experience with him in Istanbul, were exceptional.

Serrano Families

Overall we have to say it has been a very enriching travel experience that we can hardly forget. What do we have to say about Huseyin? He is a very intelligent person and with good knowledge of history. He knows how to pass it very simply. He is very friendly, and also sincere. You would never hesitate asking him questions. He is endearing.

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